Light up Your Night

Lighting is probably one of - if not THE most - important part of the décor prep for the wedding. It’s important we spend some time here going over what options there are, different things to consider and see what’s ultimately possible...

Lighting in Wedding Venue

Atmospheric Lighting For Weddings

Whether you’re after some moving lights for the dance floor or want to emphasise the venues grand high ceiling entrance, we’ll be able to listen and create a bespoke lighting solution to suit the wedding.

Depending on the wedding venue, there might be more than one space where you would like to feature lighting effects. We can work closely with you to figure out the best equipment for each area and tie it all together to create an unforgettable experience.

Wedding Dance Floor

For dance floors it can be quite easy to go overboard with the lighting, adding too much movement or creating a dance floor that is too bright by choosing the wrong colours. Having said that, depending on the size of the wedding, a few moving lights focused on the dance floor and ceiling can add excitement and depth to a static floor. Another option to consider is making the floor a feature in itself, by hiring an LED starlit dancefloor that twinkles under the lights. This really does make for a magical moment during the first dance and looks spectacular in wedding photos.

Fairy Lights For Weddings

Mirror balls are of course an all-time classic and crowd pleaser, and if you’ve got high ceilings to play with why not opt for a fairy light canopy or curtain. These canopies can really make for great photo opportunities for your photographer, providing a spectacular background for the evening photos.

Festoon lighting can also work well, although do keep in mind festoon have larger bulbs and fit certain types of venue and décor better than others.

Atmospheric effects such as smoke and haze machines are great additions to help create a magical evening. Haze machines allow for a fine haze to hang in the air, accentuating the carefully orchestrated light beams from the lighting fixtures.

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