Got a Great Band or DJ Playing?

Whether you want a band, a DJ, or both at your wedding, we’ve got you covered. Having music at the reception is a must and we can tailor the set-up to suit whatever entertainment you have booked in for the day.

Not all bands are the same and depending on who you book they will either bring their own kit, or request that you provide it. Bearing in mind, while it’s useful for bands to bring their own equipment, there’s no guarantee their kit will do justice to your venue. Most bands will be able to give you a technical rider, which will list what equipment they need as well as other handy information, like stage layout or whether they require a sound engineer. We are used to dealing directly with bands to iron out these nitty gritty technical details. Our dedicated sound engineers can look after both you and the band, sort out any requirements that the venue may have, and keep everything in check so you can forget about the technicalities and enjoy your evening.

If you’re leaning towards a simple DJ set at your wedding, then you may not need an engineer to be present for the whole time. Our engineers can deliver and set up all the kit on the day and make sure that everything sounds and looks perfect before they leave, ensuring you and the DJ are happy and comfortable with the set-up.


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