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Our support services are available on both an annual contract and one-off basis

Even the best install in the world sometimes has its issues, or inquisitive fingers get where they shouldn’t and it becomes impossible to work out exactly what’s been changed.

That’s why we pride ourselves on the support we offer our existing install customers.

  • Get the help you need so you get on with your day to day
  • Feel supported by a skilled, professional and helpful team always on hand to help
  • Know that everything works exactly as you need it to

Annual Service & Maintenance Contracts

We can tailor a support package around your needs including regular servicing, staff training, advanced replacements, warranty repair and call-out support.

Over the years we’ve found that a one size fits all approach to service and maintenance just doesn’t work. Each install has its own requirements, that’s why we design each contract around the individual case. Taking out a service and maintenance contract with us spreads the cost of everything out into small monthly payments and can cover one venue or your entire chain.

Here’s how our contracts work:


We take into consideration the scale of your install, your equipment and your location


You tell us what sort of services you would like covered


We come back to you with the yearly price and how that works out as monthly installments

Our service and maintenance contracts take into account the cost of materials for servicing and any other nasty little surprises so you know you won’t see an additional invoice from us on top of your monthly payment.

At the end of your contract term you’ll receive a statement credit if there are any unused call-outs remaining on your contract for you to spend on any upgrades or services relating to your system.

If you’re not an existing customer there may be a one off charge at the start of your contract for our engineers to come out and look over your system so we can make sure we know how to best support you.

Person removing specialist lighting maintenance equipment from van

Individual Call-outs

If you just need a single call-out to fix a specific issue we can do that too.

Our prices for a single call out to London or the surrounding areas start at £135 ex VAT and prices are based on the level of priority as well as the required day and time of the callout.

Your callout will get you an engineer on site with enough tools and equipment to diagnose 95% of issues and either fix on the spot where possible or advise on the next steps. The stated price covers the call-out plus one hour of time on site, additional time is worked out per 30 minutes thereafter to ensure you don’t pay for time that isn’t used.


You’ve found the team who can and will help

Give us a call on 0208 671 02900208 671 0290 and get your problems solved so you can get on with your day-to-day confident in your installed system

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Broken Kit?

Broken Kit?

We work with a broad network of repair centres and skilled engineers who can sort reliable repairs for pretty much any equipment.

Whether its warranty repair of an amplifier, re-coning a speaker or something more weird and wonderful we can sort it. We can also provide hire of equipment to fill the gap while we fix things up for you so you're not left with a gaping hole in your current system.

Cant work out what the problem is?

Cant work out what the problem is?

An AV system is basically like a huge electronic circuit and sometimes problems can be tricky to pinpoint. Thankfully our team come from a long line of live system technicians who spent years having to thing fast to find and fix problems.

This heritage makes us the best at being able to quickly track down whats going wrong and isolate the problem. We can then go through your options, often fixing it on the spot.

Neighbours causing you problems?

Neighbours causing you problems?

Nowadays theres a lot more focus on noise pollution and for better or worse residents pretty much always win the battle against music venues. Having a license revoked can be the end of venue for good as we've seen time and time again of late.

Get on top of the potential issues early by installing a simple sound limiter, it doesn't need to cost the earth and basic calibration is easy.

Who keeps messing with my system?

Who keeps messing with my system?

Professional sound and AV equipment generally isn't that complicated to use, but without simple training and explanation it can get a bit messed up when you're just twiddling knobs and hitting buttons at random.

Maybe you've inherited a system of a previous occupant or you've got new staff and they're not confident using your system... We can come in and walk you and your staff through the system and leave you educated, with simple step-by-step instructions for day-to-day use.

It’s not working! Help!

It’s not working! Help!

Quick response SOS call out help at hand! We can be on site and working on the problem the same day, often within just a few hours.

We provide call out services to venues and chains around London - we understand that problems often arise right as you're about to start an event. We can talk through the issue over the phone and race to you to get it fixed.

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