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Churches can be challenging and unusual places and church sound systems need to respect that.

No matter what type of worship venue or religious denomination, one thing is universal – church audio systems and AV systems need to be simple to operate by anyone. Not every church sound system installation company understands that and sometimes you can be left with convoluted solutions that need too much technical understanding to operate.

We’re here to listen to your specific requirements where church audio, lighting and AV are concerned. We’ll then help guide you towards a system that will deliver for years and years to come.


James - Design & Installation Manager

Hi, I'm James - Design & Installation Manager

Church audio design is one of my favourite areas. I find something really satisfying about creating very minimal and clean systems and hearing the results. I believe that good church av systems can have genuine positive effects, even if it’s just in a small way, on the lives of the people who use and hear them.

If you book a site meeting with us, it’ll be me that visits you. I’ll listen to what you want and help you come up with your perfect installation. I’m a pragmatist and I believe that there are always many different ways to solve any technical problem, and that’s what technical systems should do – solve problems. For years I’ve watched other companies push customers towards systems that they, for whatever reason, want to sell them rather than systems that genuinely deliver the best results and solve the customer’s specific problems.

All I’ve ever done is sound, since I was a teenager. Over the years I’ve worked with almost all technologies and brands available and know how to pull them together to design quality and reliable church sound systems. I’ve got a small team of similarly passionate and skilled people with me who specialise in audio visual equipment, stage lighting and assistive hearing. I’d be really pleased to have a chat about your install

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Church Speakers

Church Speakers

When designing a PA system for church and worship applications there are many different types of speakers to choose from: Compact speakers, column speakers, line arrays, point source etc.

Depending on the specific layout and acoustics of your worship venue we’ll come up with a sound system design that will perfectly suite your venue and meet your exact needs. Systems can be designed to optimise speech intelligibility, coverage area, minimise echo and provide full - range higher SPL sound for worship bands or private event hires. Not all church PA system designs will give you the best results and it’s really worth having an honest conversation about the pros and cons of different system designs.


Church Microphones

Church Microphones

Considered selection and placement of church microphones can give you unbelievably clear and transparent sound for speech or worship band performances. However, bad placement or incorrect microphones can cause all the familiar audio nasties such as feedback, echo or muffled and unintelligible speech. From gooseneck lectern mics to high quality wireless microphones for churches we know exactly where and when to use them.

We also have great understanding of wireless microphone antenna systems ensuring that your wireless coverage is even and rock solid so things don’t cut out half way through a sermon.


Church Lighting Design

Church Lighting Design

If you have a worship band or host private functions and hires then church stage lighting can add that focus and enhance any performance. Our church lighting design guys can design any type of stage lighting or event lighting from simple LED uplights and washes to moving heads and full lighting rigs.


Church Audio Visual Systems

Church Audio Visual Equipment

Churches can range from bright and airy spaces to dark, close ones and proper selection of church AV equipment including screens and projectors is essential.

Domestic screens often wash out in high light environments the same way the wrong projector and projection screen can become almost invisible during the daytime. With proper care and understanding of equipment you can achieve clear visuals no matter what your church is like. Whether that’s multiple screens around the space, monitors for the pulpit, install projectors or all of the above with simple visual matrixing.


Church Assistive Hearing Systems

Assistive Hearing Systems and Induction Loops

It’s every worship venues responsibility to ensure that ALL of its congregation can access their worship offerings. We’re all familiar with traditional induction loops and you may already have one installed but making sure it’s properly tested and integrated with your church audio system is essential.

Technology has moved on somewhat though since induction loops and they’re now not the only option available. We can walk you through the differences and advantages of infra-red hearing systems, they’re not right for every church audio installation but they do have a few good advantages.


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Installation Case Studies

  • St John The Evangelist, Church of England
  • Installation at Mount Horeb Victorious Church
  • Plug-and-Pray PA Install for VBCI Church