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Your customers come for the offering, but they stay for the atmosphere.

High quality restaurant, bar and pub sound system installations for venues where sound matters. Speak to us today and we’ll help guide you to finding a sound, AV and lighting install to create the right atmosphere.

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You have a clear idea of what you want to create and how you want it to be presented but it’s hard to find real experts that can listen to your vision and translate that into a system that will truly work for your restaurant, bar or pub. Our job is to work with you to create something exceptional – a customer experience that will keep them coming back time and time again.

We whole heartedly believe that a quality sound system installation is one of the often-overlooked factors that can really make any hospitality venue stand out from the crowd.


Live music in a bar

Background music, performances and more

Requirements for hospitality venues are more diverse than ever before. Each have their own system requirements and the key is finding a pragmatic solution that will do everything to a high standard. Even the venue itself can be pretty dynamic, you may not want high level sound in all areas during live performances or sporting events, choosing instead to provide your guests with more intimate areas to escape to for a quiet drink. All these factors mean that simply distributing smaller speakers around won’t work and nor will cramming the venue full of large, obtrusive PA speakers.


Audio System

Reliability and Ease of Use

It’s all well and good having a great bar or restaurant speaker system installed in your venue but if it’s not easy to use and reliable then it can be a real source of headaches.

With staff turnover so high in most hospitality venues we know that it’s up to us to design a system that can be understood and used in a matter of minutes. No confusing racks of knobs, cables and flashing lights. Our aim is to provide only as much control as is required to avoid any frustrating tampering with your system.

Proper user control not only stops the annoying phone calls; it also extends the life of your equipment – making sure it can’t be mistreated through user error.


Pub and restaurant sound system support

Sound System, Lighting & Av System Install

Our team are highly skilled and deeply passionate individuals who really care about the standard of work they deliver to every client.

We can work alongside your general contractor and designers to make sure everything's installed smoothly, or we can take care of everything ourselves.

Besides sound systems, we also offer all manner of Audio Visual equipment including TVs, projectors and video matrices plus stage lighting to bring your your live performance nights to life.

All our installations have a 30 day settling in period so if you spot anything that’s not right after the install we’ll be there to put it right free of charge.

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Audio Support

Service, maintenance and support

Support is important and we care about making sure our customers aren’t ever left high and dry in the extremely unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Benefits can include call out support, advanced warranty replacements, annual maintenance, telephone support and staff training.

We can tailor service and maintenance contracts depending on the level of cover you’d like and these can be for individual sites or chain wide cover for all your venues. At Flipside we’re all about building lasting relationships with our install customers.

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Installation Case Studies

  • Brighton's All-rounder
  • Setting the tone for Blue Jasmine
  • The Lock Tavern and The Gun
  • A Sound Installation at The Orpington in South East London
  • Brighton's All-rounder

    With the aim of being an all-in-one bar, the space was in need of an AV system that could occasionally simmer into the background, allowing conversation to flow, while also being able to support live music and DJ events.

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  • Setting the tone for Blue Jasmine

    Southampton, UK November 2020… Today, the typical fine dining experience looks to combine authentic flavours with local produce, offering a true taste of a specific origin while adding something new.

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  • The Lock Tavern and The Gun

    Recently at Flipside, we took on an exciting new project, which was fitting The East London Pub Co. with sound systems for their historic pubs, The Lock Tavern in Camden and The Gun in Spitalfields.

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  • A Sound Installation at The Orpington in South East London

    The Orpington High Street Cafe and Record store is a popular location for young families and couples, right through to elderly groups, serving food and drink including early morning breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee and cake right through the day. Better still, the clientele can enjoy a bit of crate digging and flick through the in-store vinyl collection.

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