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Wedding Venue Lighting makes the difference.
Indoor or outdoor, reception or ceremony

Great wedding lighting makes the most of your chosen venue, no matter if it’s inside or outside. We’re here to guide you through all the types of lighting options to make your special day come alive and create treasured memories that last a lifetime.



Wedding Lights Hire - Harry's CTA

Hi, I'm Harry - Let's Talk Wedding Lighting Hire.

You’ve found the perfect venue for your wedding ceremony and reception, booked your favourite entertainment and put days of hard work into all the other details. I’m here to help guide you to find the right lighting to bring your big day alive.

Some people call me with very solid ideas of what they want, be that a set of 4ft love letters or a bunch of LED battery uplights. I’d love to have a chat through your wedding lighting ideas and I can offer you guidance and ideas to make it a magical day to remember.

Quite often I speak to brides and grooms who feel a bit overwhelmed by the long wedding checklist. Other times they’ve been let down by another supplier, a venue entertainer who said they could provide their wedding venue or dance floor lighting. Relax, I genuinely enjoy listening to your ideas and what you’d love from your lights, I’ll guide you painlessly through your wedding lighting rental.

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Wedding Reception Lighting Hire

Wedding Reception Lights

Wedding reception lighting is an important thing, it can really make your evening come alive and bring everyone together to party the night away in celebration of your union. No matter if your planning a classic dinner and dance in an old barn or an outdoor wedding in the grounds of a beautiful mansion, there’s wedding reception lights for anywhere you can dream up.

Some classic ideas are warm white and coloured LED uplighters around the perimeter of the room to add atmosphere, outdoor wedding lights like festoon or floodlights, mirror balls for the dancefloor and properly classy wedding disco lights.

Perhaps you’ve got a great Wedding DJ booked who comes with their own dancefloor lighting, or the venue you’ve chosen offers some standard lighting packages? Often these are great but you’ll get a whole lot more from your wedding reception lights by employing the guidance and help of a specialist wedding lighting company like ourselves. We’ve got a huge selection of neat, professional equipment and a wealth of experience creating treasured memories for hundreds of people. We can make your wedding lights blend into the rest of the venue decorations rather than stand out like a sore plastic thumb.


Wedding Ceremony Lights

Wedding Ceremony Lighting

Lighting at your ceremony can add intimacy and glow to your long - awaited moment of union, be it in a church or anywhere else. Bring your ceremony venue alive with a warm glow or picking out architectural detail to add an air of awe and wonder.

Above all else ceremony lighting needs to be done with great care not to be invasive or distracting, it needs to blend into the moment and emphasise it. We get more and more unusual enquiries for frantic brides and grooms having their receptions in unusual venues, be that indoor or outdoor. Often, you’ve got a blank canvas to work with and we’d love to help you brainstorm ideas to bring that blank canvas to life.


Love Letters Wedding Hire

Wedding Love Letters

Light up love letters are more and more popular now and we stock a range of different sizes and options. You can choose an LED love sign which can do a range of colours, even change colour or twinkle. Or you could go with a love light up sign with a static warm glow. Even outdoor wedding love letters. Just let us know whatspecific requirements you have and we can come up with some options for you


Helping you create your dream big day through professional lighting and sound

At Flipside, we take great pride in using our expertise to help our customers bring that magical vision they have in their head into reality. We don’t just do wedding lighting hire either, we can take care of your sound system, staging, AV and just about any other technical requirements you may have.


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