Sound & Visual System Design, Installation and Support For Small to Mid-Size Systems

Your new system has to look right and sound great.

But often companies steer you into a system that's better for them instead of truly listening to you. Choose proven experts to design and install the right system for your space and vision.

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We're a small core team here at Flipside with about 40 years of real world experience between us.

The thread that unites us is a genuine passion for what we do.
On top of that our team is driven by the desire to have a positive impact on the lives of our customers. Be that improving their business or creating an incredible events space for them.

We know how much your project means to you and we understand that there can be a lot of conflicting opinions and information coming at you.

We pride ourselves on our ability to hear exactly what you want from the installation and then work together to deliver it.

Flipside AV Installation Team

Why Flipside

  • Honest, Impartial advice from people who really know what they're talking about
  • Take advantage of our wealth of experience and knowledge gained from years of real world experience
  • The highest standard of works and attention to detail in the industry
  • All works guaranteed and full aftercare support - always on call to assist.
  • Budget Conscious: no matter the limits there is always a way. Great results need not cost the earth
  • Top quality equipment supplied from a ton of manufacturers - just the right kit selected for your needs
  • Member of The Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers
  • avixa member
  • Google rating

We install anywhere

  • Commercial Sound System Installation

    Commercial Environments

  • Church Sound System Installation

    Churches & Worship

  • Pub and Bar Sound System Installation

    Pubs & Bars

  • Live Music Venue Sound Installation

    Live Music Venues

  • Museum & Gallery Sound Installation

    Museums & Galleries

  • Restaurant Sound Installation


  • Outdoor Sound Installation

    Outdoor Applications

  • We Install Sound Systems Anywhere

    Anywhere Else

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About us

Hi, I'm James Cooper - Managing Director of Flipside

I know that finding the right install team can be difficult and you're often a little bombarded with mixed options and ideas. People will often tell you very matter of factly that their way is the "right" way without really giving much information on why. Personally I dont like this mentality that you've probably seen around quite a bit. There are many ways to get the effect and functionality you want and each has their own pros and cons. Whats more important is guiding you through the options to find exactly the right fit to create the vision you have in your head.

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  • Battersea Arts Centre
  • St. Mary's RC Primary School
  • The Lock Tavern and The Gun
  • Beta Boulders in Copenhagen
  • Battersea Arts Centre

    Battersea Arts Centre is a friendly and welcoming space for people to experience exciting theatre, visit the imaginative kids play area or relax in the Scratch Bar. From our first visit, we were drawn to the gorgeous grade two listed building.

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  • St. Mary's RC Primary School

    We were given a brief to deliver outside sound to this Oxfordshire school so that music could be played for the pupils at playtime, announcements could be made easily and as a Catholic school, that the speakers could be used for frequent ceremonial events throughout the school year from the outdoor altar.

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  • The Lock Tavern and The Gun

    Recently at Flipside, we took on an exciting new project, which was fitting The East London Pub Co. with sound systems for their historic pubs, The Lock Tavern in Camden and The Gun in Spitalfields.

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  • Beta Boulders in Copenhagen

    Beta Boulders is an innovative facility in Copenhagen with a variety of functions, including a space for indoor climbing (bouldering), a cafe, yoga and fitness studios, and a space for co-working and meetings.

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