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All the quality equipment and services to make your event stand out, our friendly specialist staff have got you and your event covered so you can kick back and enjoy it.

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What’s Your Event?

No matter the event you have in mind, the chances are we have covered it already. Even if we haven’t, we are certain that we will be able to provide everything you could possibly need. No matter the event, talk us through your plans and we can advise you on the best set-up solution. Just some of the events we regularly work on include:

  • Charity Events

    Charity Events

  • Live Bands

    Live Band Events

  • Club Night

    Club Nights

  • Parades


  • Weddings


  • Outdoor Sound Hire

    Outdoor Events

  • Small Festivals

    Small Festivals

  • Church Sound System Hire

    Faith Events

  • Dances


  • Presentations


  • Speeches


  • Conferences


Don’t worry, if you can’t see your event on the list, it soon can be! Just get in touch to give us a brief and we will help you deliver an event to remember.

Catering for Your Events Audio and Lighting Needs

Events are what we do. We are a proven team of experts who have delivered time and time again for events of all magnitude. Planning and delivering an event can be stressful, so it is best to hook up with those in the know when it comes to sound, lighting and other AV extras.

At Flipside, we only use the best equipment as we live and breathe great sound and lighting. We never settle for second best, and you shouldn’t either. Our small team work to the highest standards and we are always prepared to go the extra mile for our customers in order to make sure every event goes down a storm.

Indoor or Outdoor, We’ve Got You Covered

Whether your event is going to take place in a field in the middle of summer, or in a small village hall, we can help find the best solution for your event when it comes to sound and lighting equipment.

We have the real world experience, knowledge and equipment to make hosting an event almost anywhere possible. We’ve hosted events for groups of 10 to events with 1000 plus attendees, making us agile enough to cater for huge conference halls right through to intimate meeting rooms. We only use premium equipment that we would trust for hosting our own events and is more than capable of handling the challenges of both indoor or outdoor use.

Dancing outdoors at a festival
Man giving a speech to an audience


We Do More Than Just Sound…

If it sounds like you need us to bring more than just the noise, we are very accommodating. Lighting, staging, power and AV are just some of the services we can offer our customers. We offer the complete package so that you're left to focus on the main event itself.


Bass player on stage with purple lighting


Years of experience has taught us that lighting can really make an event. We work with high-end lighting equipment for weddings, live bands, conferences and everything in-between. By investing in the latest and greatest lighting, we are sure to provide you with reliable and bespoke lighting to suit your event's requirements.

Our team are happy to light up your show and ensure the visuals are just right, whether it's atmospheric indoor lighting or dramatic external lighting. Our event lighting is specifically designed to be safe and to handle the demands of being used at big functions and of a premium standard to provide the WOW factor.


DJ on stage in front of audience


Flipside can supply staging for hire, as we cater for such a wide range of events we have the equipment and contacts in place to make sure you have access to everything you need. Our care and attention to detail will ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible and that you are provided with safe and reliable staging for events of any size.

There are a few key things to consider when thinking about hiring a stage for an event;

  • Stage Dimensions - This can be determined by the space available as well as the number of people that will be on the stage and what they will be doing.
  • Stage Height - If the stage is indoors, the height of the ceiling must be taken into consideration, whereas outdoor events usually require higher platform staging where steps will be required.
  • Coverage - Outdoor stages often require a cover as a weather precaution. If there is going to be a band performaing on stage, side walls and a back wall should be considered as wind can play havoc on a performance.


Sound crew unloading equipment from van


Great events are created by great teams. We can provide all the hands you need to manage all technical aspects of your event, including:

  • Delivery and collection logistics
  • Set-up and pack-down crew
  • Planning and consultancy services
  • Stage management
  • Sound and lighting engineers



Projectors, recording equipment and microphones can all be made available, and if there is any other equipment you require, let us know and we will do our best to provide. Due to the range of events we have provided assistance with, we have come across pretty much every challenge and requirement. 


All the Knowledge and Equipment You Need

For us, there is nothing better than hearing how well an event has gone. We love our equipment and as keen techies, we only work with the most reliable products. We are a professional team to work with and put a great deal of passion into everything we do. In order to deliver a great experience, we build-up a strong understanding of your event's requirements ahead of time so that we can piece together a set-up that is bespoke to your event.

Singer on stage with lighting
Flags at a Pride parade
man talking into microphone to a seated audience


Get in touch to discuss your event

We can talk through all of your event requirements to help find the best sound and lighting solution. With years of experience, we will make sure that your event has all of the equipment it needs to be a success.

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