Theatre Sound Installation at Rudolf Steiner House

Theatre Sound Installation at Rudolf Steiner House

Working with the client to find an unobtrusive sound solution.

Theatre Sound Installation at Rudolf Steiner House


Rudolf Steiner House in Marylebone is a popular Central London venue where seminars, conferences and events are on offer throughout the year. The team who run the venue contacted Flipside in need of an upgrade of their AV equipment.

The venue is home to a 220 person theatre which has renowned acoustics and is made available to hire. The space is used for seminars, concerts, performances, conferences, workshops, lectures and study groups The brief from the team at Rudolf Steiner House was good quality, easy to use audio system that needed to meet a variety of needs while being unobtrusive.

The client received a lot of overpriced quotes, with grand overtures of surround sound which were not required before they came across Flipside via a recommendation.

Rudolf Steiner House General Secretary Marjatta said: "James was responsive, empathetic, personable, gave us good advice and, most importantly, offered us what we needed at the most favourable price."

Finding a Specific Sound Solution for the Theatre

Right from the outset, it was clear that this theatre sound install would require careful consideration of aesthetics and keeping visual impact to an absolute minimum.

The theatre space is mostly used for talks and some acoustic performances with amplified vocals, so a huge amount of bass was not necessary. However, we did need to deliver a clear, natural sound without large and unsightly speakers or having to place lots of speakers around the room. During the quoting process, we simulated various sound configurations using SMART acoustic modelling software and decided that the simplest solution really was the best.

What Sound Equipment Did We Install?

A single pair of TW Audio M8i full-range loudspeakers carefully positioned could easily achieve the required quality and coverage that the client needed from their new sound system. The new speakers provided coverage of the seating area that was remarkably even and it's really surprising how full it sounds, you find yourself looking around for hidden bass speakers!

Alongside the M8i main speakers, we provided a pair of M6 speakers for wedge monitoring on stage, again these tiny little speakers provide a deceivingly natural full-range sound and look incredibly neat on stage.

We housed the Powersoft Canali amplification in a bespoke metal rack on stage alongside the 24/12 channel digital stage box in a bespoke wooden, wall-mount rack.

On the balcony where the techies live, we provided a bespoke equipment rack for the Allen & Heath SQ5 digital mixer and Audio Technica wireless microphone receivers and charging stations.

AV at Rudolf Steiner House
AV at Rudolf Steiner House

Feedback from Rudolf Steiner House

It is always important to us that we leave the client satisfied, as much of our work comes in from recommendations and as sound and lighting enthusiasts, we pride our selves on the delivery of an excellent end result. Marjatta commented that 'We are now more professional and have confidence that everyone will be heard in the theatre no matter how able they are to communicate.'

Since the installation at the theatre, logistically it is now much easier to prepare for the client to prepare for events. Theatre technician Julian said the 'Audio quality is worlds apart from what we had previously.' and described the Flipside team as 'honest, practical and sensitive to the venues particular needs.'

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  • Kit List 

    2 x TW Audio M8i – main FOH system
    2 x TW Audio M6 – stage monitors
    1 x Powersoft Quattrocanali amplifier
    1 x Allen & Heath SQ5 – digital mixer
    1 x Allen & Heath AR2412 – digital rack mount stage box
    4 x Audio Technica System 3000 – wireless microphone system
    4 x Audio Technica ES925 – top table and lectern microphones

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