Sound and Lighting Installation at Camden Underworld

Sound and Lighting Installation at Camden Underworld

Sound and Lighting Installation at Camden Underworld


In early 2019, The Underworld in Camden suffered a serious flood, which irreparably damaged their existing install. This proved both a huge obstacle to overcome and an opportunity to upgrade and develop the venues existing sound and lighting installation.

Camden Underworld is the number one venue in the UK for Rock, Metal and Alternative shows. Both up and coming and established acts have played at Underworld including Bad Religion, The Cranberries, Foo Fighters, KT Tunstall, Placebo, Radiohead and The Offspring to name just a few.

Simeon Ludwell of TW Audio UK and Andy Linklater of Everything Sound approached us about the installation of a brand new system at the venue. Designed by Sim and Andy, the system was already pretty formidable and we were given the honour to help further develop it. 

A Prestigious Installation Job

The system engineer who helps manage The Underworld uses TW AUDiO products and asked Simeon and Andy to find an install partner who had experience in live venues and could work and converse at multiple levels from boardroom, management and to the engineers and technical people for system design and training purposes.

Simeon and Andy were on the lookout for a partner who knew TW Audio products inside out and could relate to the specific needs of The Underworld. It was clear from the outset that whoever was to be chosen needed a crew of people who could work in different conditions with other trades on site. Live sound, power and lighting expertise was also critical.

As the venue was going through a major refurbishment, the company also had to offer the other trades on site solutions and recommendations to solve historical and architectural issues affecting the sound deployment.

Flipside, the Right Candidate for the Job

Simeon gave an overview as to why Flipside was chosen. ‘They know TW AUDIO products thoroughly and have been to several training seminars and course. They also have expertise in sound, lighting, design and installation of live performance system and club environments. They were the natural choice for delivering this project on time and in budget and could add the additional requested equipment to complete the solution.’

Flipside’s working relationship has developed into a partnership with many projects completed with TW AUDIO to a high standard, on time and in budget. Both Flipside and TW ensure the process of design, installation, commissioning and follow up visits are kept to a very high standard in order to keep clients happy.

Our ability to work to a very tight deadline in a short timescale and to work in tough conditions is paramount and this led to us completing The Underworld project together.

Soundcraft Vi2000
TW Audio Underworld

Sound System Installation

The major changes we made to the old PA configuration were to add a TW Audio BSX infra-sub in order to dramatically extend the low frequency performance of the system and the addition of a TW Audio T20i as centre fill. The Underworld like it loud, extremely loud!

For the front end, we installed a Soundcraft Vi2000 for Front Of House mixing duties and a Yamaha QL5 for monitor mixing. Utilising a custom set of splits this also left room for guest consoles at either location. The whole infrastructure runs on a DANTE audio network with analogue fall back and a Yamaha MTX gives wall panel control for the bar areas as well as independent control of the T20i centre fill speaker.

Bespoke Lighting System

Glenn Gridley of GLX Productions came on board for this project to design the new lighting system. The old system was a load of PAR fixtures on a dinner pack and a few moving fixtures for regular DJ nights. The newly designed system brought the lighting system up to standard with a combination of moving spot and wash fixtures from Chauvet as well as blinders and strobe for that real rock vibe.

Professional Job Done 

After working on such an exciting project, it was great to hear Simeon’s thoughts.

“Flipside’s commitment and ability to complete the project from start to finish was excellent. Flipside acted as an extension of TW AUDiO and added a lot of value as they had a complete overview of the system, integration and end delivery. Their ability to draw on knowledge and resources from within the company and through their partners was exceptional and they solved any issue that arose with such a complex project – due to the nature of the refurbishment works.”

Band on stage at Camden Underworld

Another Venue Installation Completed

The result was what the client asked for with some additional extras and accommodating the dynamic nature of the refurbishment and the client’s needs on site. Working in such a prestigious venue and our partnership with TW Audio worked out really well in the end and we can look back on the completed job with a great deal of pride. 

If you are thinking of undertaking an installation project and overcome a challenging environment, why not speak to our team of experts? We can provide recommendations on equipment and bring your ideas to life. We’d love to hear from you about your project. 


  • Main PA

    4 x TW Audio T24N

    1 x TW Audio T20i

    4 x TW Audio B30

    1 x TW Audio BSX

    Powered by Lab Gruppen D-Series amplifiers


    Monitor PA

    6 x TW Audio C15

    1 x TW Audio B18

    Powered by a single Powersoft X8 amplifier


    In-Fill PA

    4 x TW Audio M8

    2 x TW Audio B15P


    Digital Mixers

    1 x Soundcraft Vi2000 and digital stage box FOH

    1 x Yamaha QL5 for monitors

    Additional Zone Processing

    1 x Yamaha MTX3

    4 x Yamaha DCP4V4S wall panels



    4 x Chauvet Intimidator Spot 375Z

    4 x Chauvet Rogue R1 Wash

    2 x Chauvet Strike P38 Blinders

    1 x Elation Proton 3K LED Strobe

    6 x Chauvet Core PAR40

    1 x Look Solutions Haze Machine

    1 x Look Solutions Smoke Machine

    1 x Avolites Titan Mobile (existing)

    Lighting designer – Glenn Gridley of GLX

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