Shopping for Music

Shopping for Music

Supply of full audio and backline solution for event at Topshop’s flagship store

Shopping for Music

There has always been an unbreakable link between music and fashion. From festival merch and band t-shirts to mimicking the style of artists, fans want to align themselves with their idols.

Retailers understand this link and have long sort to bring the full music experience into their stores. This is something that Flipside is always happy to support, and we regularly hire sound systems, backline and lighting for in-store concerts.

One of our recent projects saw us provide this rental service for Topshop’s flagship store on London’s Oxford Street. Working with LibertyMusicPR, we were asked to supply a full audio and backline solution as well as one of our trusted sound technicians to ensure that everything on stage went smoothly and sounded perfect.

For the sound system, we needed to provide a solution that would provide even coverage for the space but also the musicality required to support live music. There was one obvious choice from our hire stock of loudspeakers that we knew would meet both of these needs. We used the ever-impressive combination of the TW AUDiO M10 and B15P to rock the shop floor.

In the confined space of a retail environment, it is really important that you don’t take up too much of the shop floor. This leads to slightly smaller performance spaces than you would ideally want. This means you have to maximise these stages to allow the performers to put on a proper show. One way to do this is to keep cabling to a minimum so for gigs like this we always recommend renting a wireless in-ear monitor system. Topshop Oxford Street listened to our suggestion for this and the performers were more than happy to work with our Sennheiser IEMs.

To complete the setup and support the gig, we also rented some of our backline gear. This comprised a full drum kit as well as a bass amp and a guitar amp.

The end result was a great performance that brought a real atmosphere to the store, and helped to bring customers in through the doors.  

  • Kit List:

    • TW AUDiO – M10 x 2 / B15P x 2 / M10 x 2 [Artist Monitor]
    • Allen & Heath Qu-PAC
    • Lab.Gruppen PLM12K44
    • Mics - SM57/SM58/e614s
    • DI’s: BSS AR-133/Radial Trim 2
    • UAD Apollo 8
    • Backline: Pearl Drum Kit, AC30C2 VOX Guitar Amp
    • Mark115 Bass Amp
    • K&M Mic Stands
    • Gravity

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