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Supply of powerful PA system for 'We Love Hard House' event in Eastbourne

Our House

When you hire audio equipment to cover such a wide variety of events every week, it can be nice to work on the gigs that remind you why you started doing this job in the first place.

Corporate events can be very rewarding in their own right, but there is something special about helping to create the atmosphere at a proper house music event.

We’ve been fortunate to supply the PA system to more of these events than we can count, but we still get a buzz every time we are asked to supply a gig. The latest chance for us to do this came from We Love Hard House. They wanted a powerful PA that would get the crowd dancing for the first of their private events in Eastbourne.

When it comes to house music, you need a system that can deliver the punch from the low frequencies, but also provide musical clarity from the mids and highs. You want something to create an atmosphere rather a jumble of uncontrolled noise. To deliver this for We Love Hard House, we turned to our trusty TW AUDiO loudspeakers driven by Lab.gruppen amplifiers.

The system we designed for this event combined the TW AUDiO M12 cabinets with the B30 subwoofers. This is a tried and trusted combination for Flipside as we love the combination of musicality and power. It is hard to find a better sounding all round sound system, and the build quality means that it can take the punishment a hard house event will throw at it. When you add in the clean sound we get from our Lab.gruppen amps with power to spare it becomes a formidable combination.

The result was exactly as we had predicted, a perfect fit. The gig went off without a hitch and the sound system created exactly the right atmosphere. The musicality of the system ensured it was a brilliant weekend for everyone who was able to attend.

  • Kit List:

    • TW AUDiO – M12 x 4 / B30 x 4 [FOH & DJ Mons]
    • Lab.Gruppen PLM12K44
    • Litedeck

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