Installation at Mount Horeb Victorious Church

Installation at Mount Horeb Victorious Church


Installation at Mount Horeb Victorious Church


We were delighted to be asked to design and install a full sound, AV and lighting system for Mount Horeb Victorious Church's congregation. After considering all of the project’s constraints, we came up with an effective quality solution that delivered on all of the venue’s requirements.

We were really excited after conducting a site meeting with Elijah from Mount Horeb – he was referred to us by Thomas at VBCI.

Horeb commissioned us to design and install a full sound, AV and lighting system for their congregation. Their weekly gatherings involved not just sermons but full live band performances, video link ups and a generally celebratory atmosphere. It’s great when these projects come along as we’re really able to have pretty much full control over every element to ensure superb system performance.

There were obviously the usual budgetary constraints that come with charity organisations but Elijah also understood where money needed to be spent to get the effect he was after. The venue too had a few challenges we needed to overcome in the design stages. Situated on the first floor of a commercial property in Eltham, but with surrounding flats, we needed to consider noise pollution.

In order to overcome this, we designed a system entirely around RCF’s Compact series of installation speakers. By distributing the system across the space using small 8” cabinets and only two 12” direct radiating subs isolated from the floor we managed to ensure plenty of headroom in every position without having to blare out any one element. On stage too this was a factor, we wanted to keep traditional stage monitors to a minimum so these were only used for the pastor and choir. Every other performer had their own ME-One personal mixing station with M50x headphones, this meant superb control over every mix without adding a single decibel to the room!

Eltham Church Installation
Soundsystem Installation At Eltham Church

To power the lot we went with Powersoft’s recently introduced Canali range of amplifiers. Due to their great sound quality, awesome processing and digital audio networking capabilities and their ultra-compact size they were clearly the best choice available. Though not by any means a “cheap” amplifier, it's surprising how rapidly they emerged as the best value for money – easily competing with more old-school class A/B amplifiers and separate loudspeaker management units.

Possibly the trickiest part of the whole install was the equipment for the performers. We had to squeeze eight channels of wireless microphones into the free frequency spectrum plus a single channel of wireless IEM. We looked around at various options within budget and in the end settled on Audio Technica’s System 10 Pro dual receivers. These offered the high standard of quality we needed while also easily squeezing into the frequency band we had available.

Digital mixer was an easy one – the QU series from Allen & Heath is by far the best mixer within its price range and in fact we stock the QU16 in our hire stock (probably the most heavily worked mixer in our stock). All we had to do was add a couple of digital stage boxes to get everything to and from the front of house position.

Finally, we solved their requirements for AV by installing the Bluestream matric allowing 8 HDMI inputs to be routed via HDBaseT (CAT6A) to any combination of up to eight locations. Add in some batten uplighters across the back of the stage and voila!

"Great working with you guys. Wish we could have met earlier as part of the design so we could have sorted out positions of tv and electrical supply, etc but that was due to me not being available on site. Also, you guys had to deal with other workers on site, etc. And I still remember working through to midnight whilst England was playing in the world cup. Basically, you showed great dedication and professionalism regardless of challenging environment and deadline." - Elijah, Mount Horeb

Eltham Church Installation 2
Eltham Church Installation 1
Eltham Church Installation 4
Eltham Church Installation 3

  • Main PA System

    2 x RCF Compact Series 10” loudspeakers

    2 x RCF S series 12” sub-bass loudspeakers

    4 x RCF Compact Series 8” loudspeakers

    1 x Powersoft Quattrocanali 4804 DSP + DANTE

    1 x Powersoft Duecanali 1604 DSP + DANTE


    Stage System

    4 x RCF 4PRO 10” active stage monitors

    4 x Allen & Heath ME-One personal monitor mix stations with Audio Technica M50x headphones

    8 x Audio Technica System 10 PRO wireless handled channels.

    1 x Audio Technica System 3 wireless In Ear Monitoring channel.

    Bespoke white racking from BCS Manufacturing

    Power distribution from VDC Trading


    Front of House System

    1 x Allen & Heath QU-32 32 channel digital desk

    1 x Allen & Heath AR2412 digital stage box

    1 x Allen & Heath AR84 digital stage box


    Audio Visual System

    Blustream HMXL88 8x8 HDMI over Ethernet cable matrix

    4 x HD TVs

    2 x HD projectors


    Lighting System

    10x 1meter DMX controllable LED battens from LEDJ

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