Hitting the Streets

Hitting the Streets

Supply of PA sound system for Bermondsey Street Festival

Hitting the Streets

Bermondsey Street Festival had a very different feel in 2020 with many of the usual activities cut from the bill and the festival re-imagined as a street market.

However, it was still a vibrant event with a full DJ setup. When they approached Flipside about hiring a sound system, we were happy to help them find exactly what they needed.

While the festival had to be slightly downsized to fit within the Covid restrictions at the time, the PA needed to be set up on one of South London’s busiest streets and we did not know how crowded it could get. That led us to design a sound system that had enough power to provide an exciting event but was versatile enough to be deployed easily by one crew member.

The hire PA that we decided would best meet the challenge was comprised of a pair of TW AUDiO M12 mid-high loudspeakers with two TW AUDiO B18 subwoofers. We also provided a further M12 to serve as a DJ monitor. All of these loudspeakers were powered by the incredibly reliable Lab.Gruppen, PLM+ 12K44 amplifier.

While the audio solution was easy to set up, we still needed to consider our safe working environment during the pandemic. Fortunately, the event itself was outdoors, so by nature it was easier to follow and implement social distancing guidelines. This made working with the client and DJ during setup that much easier as we weren’t having to climb over each other in a DJ booth, or confined to a stage in a venue. As a result, everyone involved felt safe and comfortable getting on with their jobs.

Bermondsey Street Festival may have only needed to hire a small sound system this year, but it certainly packed a big punch. The TW AUDiO system performed in exactly the way we expected it to, flawlessly. We were able to easily cover the festival space and met the requirements of the event to the letter. While the festival may not have been as large as in previous years, it was still possible to make the event sound amazing with the right equipment and the right team.

  • Kit List:

    • TW AUDiO – M12 x 2 / B18 x 2
    • Lab.Gruppen PLM12K44
    • Litedeck
    • Gravity Distance Rods

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