Corporate Retreat

Corporate Retreat

Supply of full audio, video and lighting solution for the AirBNB Summit

Corporate Retreat

Corporate events are often the bread and butter for AV rental companies, particularly here in London where there are so many event spaces.

But just because they are a regular part of our hire business, it doesn’t mean that we take them for granted. We know that every corporate event is different. Just like any event, the organiser wants to create memories for their guests. It is our job to help this happen.

One recent example that really stood out for us was the AirBNB Summit. 2020 hasn’t been a stellar year for the travel industry, but this was one corporate event that was destined to dazzle. Flipside was called in to supply the full audio, video and lighting solution for the corporate event, and we were determined to deliver something memorable.

For the audio solution we wanted to give the presenters the freedom to roam. To do this, we suggested our Sennheiser wireless mic solution. This delivered a high-quality vocal reproduction without the clutter of cables on the stage. At the other end of the signal chain, we turned to our stock of TW AUDiO loudspeakers. This meant we could deliver a consistent, even sound right across the audience area and everything was audible to all.

The visual side saw us wash the stage in warm white light, making sure that the presenters could be seen clearly. While we also supplied our Epson video projection solutions to ensure that all of AirBNB’s key visuals looked sharp, clear and legible for the audience.

Single day corporate events such as this may not always grab the headlines, but when they are done right, they certainly make memories for everyone there. We are extremely proud to have helped to do just that for AirBNB. It just goes to show what you can do when you use the right equipment and the right team.

  • Kit List:

    • TW AUDiO – M10 x 2 / B15P x 2 / M10 x 2 [Artist Monitor]
    • Allen & Heath Qu-PAC
    • Lab.Gruppen PLM12K44
    • Mics - SM57/SM58/e614s
    • DI’s: BSS AR-133/Radial Trim 2
    • UAD Apollo 8
    • Backline: Pearl Drum Kit, AC30C2 VOX Guitar Amp
    • Mark115 Bass Amp
    • K&M Mic Stands
    • Gravity

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