Corporate PA Hire For Art in Clay

Corporate PA Hire For Art in Clay

Providing a sound sytem for an outdoor event at Hatfield House

Corporate PA Hire For Art in Clay


Having previously been let down by poor intelligibility during announcements, Art In Clay contacted us in the hope that we would be able to supply a system that ‘would just work’, which is exactly what we did.

For the past twenty years, Art in Clay Hatfield has brought a wide range of pottery and ceramics to a new audience as well as known collectors. The event creates a unique space where it is possible to buy directly from the artist who has carefully created the item and find out more about the person behind the pot!

A Quality Sound System for Great Audio 

The outdoor event had suffered in previous years from a distinctly lacking sound system, that was making it difficult for guests to hear any announcements. The audio was simply not carrying as far as it was needed, so Charlie Follows from Art In Clay was tasked with finding a new expert team to help support them with the hire of a quality outdoor sound system.

We handle a large volume of outdoor events, and so we opted for a more distributed PA system than the client had used in previous years. We coupled it with some high quality, high powered 100v speakers to ensure the distance required was covered and ensured intelligibility. We also went for a last minute upgrade as requested by the client, to a Sennheiser EW 500 G3 wireless handheld system with a directional antenna.

Keeping Corporate Customers Happy 

As always we try to be as flexible as we can for our customers, especially when we know the stress there is when organising a large outdoor event, especially when it comes round just once a year! On this occasion, Art In Clay asked us to set up a day earlier to allow for any extra time needed for snagging which was no issue for our team. We headed to the venue in Hatfield a day in advance of the event enabling us to set up all in good time.

Customer Feedback

When on the hunt for a new supplier for their corporate sound, the client came across our website where they found everything they needed to prompt them to give us a call and get in touch with Harry. Charlie said, “The site was easy to navigate and I could clearly see everything you had to offer.”

From then on, we provided them with all the expert advice they needed in terms of what would be the best equipment for the job and everything ran smoothly with the setup and equipment.

If you are hosting a corporate event, outdoors or otherwise and you need a reliable sound system that will carry the distance, please get in touch. We are an experienced team of sound techies who love nothing more than delivering a quality experience at events for our clients and we are agile enough to work to your specific requests and budget limitations.


    Main PA: Clever Acoustics MH50 x 8
    Amplification: Yamaha Amplifier
    Mics: Sennheiser EW 500 G3 Wireless
    Desk: ZED 60-10FX

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Call us now on 02086 710290 or send us an email to chat about your upcoming event.

Call us now on 02086 710290 or send us an email to chat about your upcoming event.

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