Upgrading the Sound System at Moorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre

Upgrading the Sound System at Moorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre

Flipside went back to Moorcroft with some new sound equipment for their newly extended paddock facilities.

Upgrading the Sound System at Moorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre


We headed to Horsham with a new sound system for a long-standing patron of ours, Mary at Moorcroft who required improved equipment for her paddock.

Moorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre is a registered charity who aim to rehabilitate and retrain former racehorses in order to give them a new lease of life away from the track. Moorcroft relies upon the generosity of their supporters and volunteers, which allows them to rehome around forty horses a year. Our last outing involved providing mic equipment for open-air horse riding demonstrations, but this time around, the client needed additional sound and mic equipment for their newly extended cover paddock.

Sound Equipment for a Covered Paddock

Moorcroft recently built an extension on their existing covered paddock, as well as some new raised tier seating, which required a new and improved sound system.

Previously the outdoor paddock had made use of two active EV ZLX-12P's placed quite wide left and right of audience. As the new indoor paddock has a new raised seating position for the guests, the larger size EV loudspeaker meant that this could potentially block the view for the guests. A wider placement of EV's would also mean uneven sound coverage for the guests so we opted for TW AUDiO C5's as the solution. Four C5's were located across the front of the audience area, perched on top of a barrier that separates the audience area from the paddock. We knew the trusty TW AUDiO equipment would be up for the job, it always is!

Mic System Hire

A Sennheiser wireless lapel mic system was also used, with the small ME-2 omnidirectional capsule used with the G4 system, this meant that the presenters were able to keep both hands free during the demonstrations. Feedback is less of an issue with this setup, as the C5's don't need to be as loud, as we are utilising a more distributed PA system. Some 2003 directional antennas were also deployed to ensure coverage and range was maintained throughout the paddock. This meant we could be confident there would be no audio dropouts throughout the event.

We used an Allen & Heath QU-16 digital mixer, which not only gave us more control over the audio to ensure clear output but also record the sound straight out of the desk thanks to the built in function.

Enhanced Sound for an Improved Venue 

Working with Mary and the team down at Moorcroft is always a pleasure and it was great to head down there and see their new facilities and help ensure that they had all the sound equipment they needed to run a smooth event. It was a challenge the first time around to ensure the event ran safely and that the sound was on point for the audience, but this time we knew how to ensure the horses were not startled. Instead, we could focus on ensuring the newly covered paddock had amazing sound so that everyone could have a great time and hear what was going on.

It is great to have another string to our bow. Equestrian events, check! We look forward to helping Mary in the future.

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  • Kit List

    1 x Main PA: TW AUDiO C5 x 4
    1 x Amplification: Lab.Gruppen PLM 12K44
    Mics: Sennheiser EW 300 G4 series with ME-2 sub-miniature omnidirectional lapel microphone.
    1 x Antenna splitter with 2 x A 2003 Sennheiser antennas.
    1 x Desk: Allen & Heath Qu-16 desk.

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