A classy relationship with Jigsaw

A classy relationship with Jigsaw

Read about our long-standing relationship with Jigsaw Clothing Company, and how we support their events.

A classy relationship with Jigsaw

We've enjoyed a great working relationship with Flipside for the last two years

The famous multi-national fashion retailer, Jigsaw has over 56 stores across the UK with even more spread across the US and Australia. We have worked with the company for over two years, providing them with PAs and DJ set-ups for a whole range of occasions – from store events to launch parties.

At every opportunity we work closely with Jigsaw to ensure we capture every need, help events run smoothly and make these momentous occasions a success.

For their latest event, Jigsaw tasked us with providing the perfect sound system to make their Christmas party one to remember. As a consumer-facing brand, Jigsaw is timeless and unique – and their internal brand is no different! That's why it was vital the party was something truly exceptional and ran seamlessly.

Previous events working with Jigsaw had meant setting up systems in their head office or in their stores. But this year, the party was held in one of their warehouse spaces, meaning a very large, versatile area for us to work with – our favourite!
For the music, we filled the space with an 18" subwoofer to go alongside the mid-top speakers they often request, then for the lighting, we dotted battery-operated uplighters all around the walls with moving lights for the dance floor. The result? An ordinary warehouse was transformed into the ultimate party space.

"After being recommended to us by a DJ, Flipside just did everything right from the very first event. We regularly book them for company events and every single one has run smoothly.
Flipside has always been fast and provided us with the equipment we needed, whenever we needed it. The communication has continuously been good and they always offer suggestions for ways we can improve the sound and lighting in any venue."

Ad Bakker, Jigsaw Clothing Company

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