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85% of brides make this one big day mistake…

With so much planning put into making a wedding day super special, many brides will not have sound equipment hire on their to-do list, as this is more than likely full of those big day worries around the cake, flowers and seating plans.

But the quality of sound at your wedding is very important. It is easy to think that the DJ, band or wedding venue have the sound equipment covered, but every week we receive calls from panicked brides and grooms who have been caught out.

The likelihood is that your venue or DJ are not driven by the pursuit of perfect sound like the specialists at Flipside. Despite how amazing they may be at performing, they may not have the best sound equipment and set up for your special day, which is exactly where our team excels as we are true experts in sound.

Then there’s the visual aspect - what will the sound equipment at your wedding look like? Sound kit beauty isn't usually a priority for DJs or venue managers. Getting the most attractive equipment and the best sound for your wedding day really is a thing! It's a thing that's easy for you to sort if you're aware of the task and have the right specialists on the case.

It's as simple as making one phone call, whether that's to a wedding sound hire company, your DJ, or wedding venue, to insist on the best quality sound hire company.

No! Your DJ's equipment may not be pretty
No! Your venue will not get you the best possible sound
Yes! That is the job of your wedding sound specialist

It’s not just the music that needs to be heard - it's equally as important that your guests hear the speeches and master of ceremony with crystal clarity. And of course, you want everyone to party the night away to your carefully selected playlist. So although you’ll have many things to tick off your list before the big day, make sure you get sound checked off.

You’ve worked hard to make sure everything else looks perfect for your wedding day, so why have an ugly lump of equipment spoiling the rest of the aesthetic? With the right equipment and guidance, your sound can disappear into your amazing décor without ruining the look of the venue you spent so long organising.

Wedding bands and DJs almost always have a small amount of sound equipment that travels around with them from booking to booking. They’ll have a single setup that’s loud enough to do most venues and cheap enough that they can afford to invest in it. The truth is that all venues have different needs where sound is concerned, and they’re simply not going to invest the sum of money needed to have a variety of high quality, professional equipment to cater for every venue. Speakers don’t need to be big ugly plastic lumps on stands, but that’s generally the sort of kit DJs or bands will have because it fits into a vehicle easily, is quick to set up, and it’s loud.

Venues have a different set of parameters when it comes to their sound equipment. Above all else, they'll be looking at equipment that pays for itself as fast as possible. The equipment will get used by every booking they have and almost never maintained very well. The last thing a venue will want to do is have to buy new equipment to replace their old stuff as it's a big cost and so the kit gets used well beyond its lifespan. The really good venues partner with companies like us and hire in standardised packages of equipment that they can add to the venue hire fee.

Flipside - Wedding Specialists

We’re Flipside – a small company formed of deeply passionate individuals who found each other through a shared love of amazing audio. Since 2013 we’ve been hiring and installing top quality sound and lighting systems for all sorts of events and venues throughout the UK and beyond.

Most of us here are now of the age where everyone we know seems to be getting married. Attending all these weddings brought about a sudden realisation, that so many people are getting let down by their wedding sound and lighting! So, we set about working out exactly what the perfect wedding needs from its sound system to create that truly unforgettable (for the right reasons) day.

We think the thing that really sets us apart is the care we put into every wedding. We’ll take the time to listen to your ideas and help you sculpt the celebration you’ve always dreamed of.


Don't just take our word for it:

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"Helpful from the moment we received the first email from them. We had a big wedding venue that needed lights, speakers, microphones and projectors and they put together a quote and a plan in no time at all. Obviously, the morning was hectic and stressful but they turned up well on time and did EVERYTHING for us as soon as they got in. So impressed and would recommend to anyone." - Tom Hayward

"Super helpful, personal service from a great little company. Would use these guys again without a second thought." - Nita Patel

"Harry and Mikey were an absolute pleasure to work with. The equipment they used was perfect and the music and speeches sounded brilliant! Wouldn't have been able to pull off the night without you. 100% would recommend and re-use your services in the future. Thanks for the great work. See you soon!" - Zahara Surooprajally

"I just wanted to say "Thank You" for the excellent service that we received from start to finish when we hired PA equipment from you for our daughter's wedding.
Starting with Mikey's recommendations for what we required and the thought that went into what additional cables may be required and even the supply of the anti-trip strip.
Collection was simple. Everything was ready for me and Harry could not have been more helpful! He took me through connecting everything up in detail and what my options were. All worked perfectly. And you even supplied black tape!" - Colin Parker

The right people for the right job
Kit that looks great and fits your aesthetic
Incredible sound for your reception
Clear speeches that can be heard by all

One phone call and it's sorted

So, let your DJ or band look after the music - after all that’s why you picked them – and we’ll make sure they sound amazing. You worry about the speeches while we make sure they’re heard by everyone. And get the most out of the venue by coming to us to bring it alive with the sound of music (and speech).

If you want your big day to sound amazing without spoiling your wedding look and feel, then call a wedding sound specialist today.


Call us on 02086 710 29002086 710 290 or email now to get your sound sorted


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