What is an automation system?

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Great training on HDL's BusPro system and the realisation how much potential it offers.

What is an automation system?

Recently we got a chance to get jump in the car down to sunny Hove for some training on HDL Automation’s BusPro systems. Big thanks to the guys from HDL UK for hosting us.

So what is an Automation system?

Regardless of whether it’s a residential or commercial audio-visual installation what you generally end up with is multiple systems layered on top of each other. You might have a sound system with some inputs from various equipment, then you might have some screens or projectors with various inputs from laptops etc, then you might have a screen for the projector etc etc. In addition to all this there may be additional systems like lighting, climate control, automated blinds and shutters, videophones, CCTV… The list goes on. What you don’t want is a complicated mix of control panels and apps, one for each of these separate systems, that mean your constantly fiddling around with things just to achieve the simplest of results.

An automation system sits on top of all of these systems and provides a single method of control for everything. We can install a single wall panel and design one mobile or table interface that communicates with the entire universe of equipment. Imagine walking into your space and pressing a single button on a wall panel to turn a projector on, lower the screen, switch the audio source to match the video source, lower the blinds and dim the lights! On top of that there are all sorts of great energy saving optimisation techniques that we can achieve such as dimming lights based on the amount of daylight to maintain a selectable light level in a room, intricate control of AC and heating or turning equipment off when a room is empty for a little while.

HDL have been running for over 30 years and offer an enormous range of modules in their system that allow us to tie anything into an automated system. To us the major thing that sets them apart from the crowd is their eye for design, everything that’s visible to the user looks great and can be sourced in a truly enormous range of colours and finishes. Add to that their reputation for reliability and performance and you have a truly world class system.

We’re really excited about the potential uses of HDL’s BusPro range and are really looking forward to designing some interesting and elegant systems.