Welcoming a New Face to the Team

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As Flipside grows, so too does the rabble behind the scenes. We are very fortunate to have such a talented and dedicated team, who genuinely care about the work they do and ensuring our clients always get the best results.

We’re pleased to announce the newest member of the Flipside team, meet Jamie Landi. He’s been part of our extended family since we founded Flipside back in 2013 and we’re over the moon to have him join us as a permanent fixture.

Jamie is coming on board to fill the role of Finance Manager. He will play an integral part in the business, ensuring that are our clients are well looked after and the business continues to grow.

“I have always been fascinated by how businesses are run; the inner workings and what makes a company a success. This, combined with a lifelong passion for all things music and sound, meant I didn’t think twice when the opportunity came to join the Flipside team as the Finance Manager.

I’ve been working and training in accountancy practices for over 8 years, managing the accounts for hundreds of clients across a range of sectors. In this time, I’ve also worked within multiple well-known media firms in London, handling their finances and developing their business functions.

But I like to think I’m not your standard accountant. I am obsessed with the intricate and the unusual; whether it’s experimenting with the latest technology or delving into the elaborate history of my favourite films. I refuse to accept things as they are – there’s always something new to be learnt.

This (sometimes distracting) habit of mine, has played a part in my passion for business and finance. It means I look beyond just the numbers. I look at every aspect of how a company is run, what makes things tick and how every component plays a part.

So, aside from helping Flipside continue to grow, I get to work with a team who shares my passion for music. I grew up in a home where the music never stopped – and I’ve lucked out with a job that’s just the same!”

We are confident that Jamie is going to fit right in and we are all looking forward to working alongside him. You can find out more about the Flipside team here.

About Jamie Landi

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