Our love affair with Yamaha MTX

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Just how much can one audio matrix do!?

Our love affair with Yamaha MTX

We first started using Yamaha’s Commercial Audio systems last year for our sound install at The Poetry Society in Covent Garden. That was a nice simple little two room system using their MA/PA range of mixing amplifiers. Pretty soon after we started working on a very exiting job that’ll soon be floating on the Thames Embankment (sorry, that’s all we can divulge at this point… watch this space) and were looking at options while designing quite a complicated multi-room AV solution.

What we needed was something with loads of inputs and outputs with programmable user control AND the ability to add networked audio units like DANTE interfaces for certain events. When we looked back at the Yamaha CA products range and got our hands on some of their MTX units to play with. We quickly realised that this platform had enormous potential!

Since then we’ve used pretty much every unit in the MTX, MRX and XMV range one install or another and honestly can’t find another solution for the price that can quite do just as much as this platform can.
Last month we went down to some additional training at Yamaha’s UK HQ in Milton Keynes - its always good to gain a more intimate understanding of equipment. In particular what was useful during the training was getting a chance to brush up on their ProVisionaire Touch app – a totally customisable app interface for users to control the kit.

It’s now got to the point where this system is creeping into our residential audio quotes too. Given that Yamaha manufacture such a huge range of electronics used in the home it seems a no brainer to bring some of the complex commercial audio functionality into residential AV. The Musicast platform that encompasses their range of media players and all can be brought into these systems seamlessly.
Good work guys!