Linea Research - Putting the M Series Through Its Paces

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Linea Demo at Flipside

We spent a great day with Linea Research putting their new M Series through their paces. A great British company to be involved with and some seriously good sounding kit! We were really impressed with the functionality and ergonomics of the new M Series and are currently in discussion regarding collaborations. The pure sound quality of these amps was incredible, really rapid and tight sound without sounding at all artificial.

To properly road test the units we sent one of their 10Kw 8 channel beasts out with Collapsing Scenery on their mini UK tour and the feedback we got was great. If you haven’t already come across Collapsing Scenery, you are missing a treat. The duo came together in 2013 and since then Don De Vore and Reggie Debris haven’t stopped moving forwards, sharing their unique sound all around the globe. The guys are ‘self-contained’, travelling with their own sound system and power supply, resulting in a sound knowledge of audio systems and what should be expected of them. These guys won’t settle for just any kit, they need a system that guarantees to deliver awesome sound time and time again, so they can focus on their performance rather than worrying about how their equipment performs.

Linea Research 48M10

The PA comprised of one FS-218V1 sub, two FS-215TH kicks and two FS-8.1 mid/high cabinets. We used an old trusty SSL Volt system for some additional stage fills. All of this off a single 2u amplifier running off sixteen amps of power. Linea are constantly developing cutting edge professional audio technology and the M Series is not a let-down, offering:

  • 4 or 8 sonically pure class D channels
  • 6000 to 20000 Watts RMS total output
  • Unique, precise digital signal processing
  • Over designed universal power supply
  • Full front panel user interface
  • Ethernet network for remote operation
  • Analogue, AES3 & Dante audio inputs
  • Powerful grouping & multi-layer EQ
  • Fully engineered by Linea's team
  • Manufactured & supported in the UK

Quite a high probability you’ll be hearing more from us about Linea soon… Keep your eyes peeled.

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