Lab.gruppen and Lake Chosen for New Flipside Sound Systems

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At Flipside, our mission was to build our dream sound system, in an attempt to bring back the quality sound systems that don’t seem to exist in most clubs anymore.

The system is comprised of a double 18 inch reflex hybrid sub, a double 15 inch tap horn kick unit, horn loaded phase bung 12 top boxes and a horn loaded compression driver.

Our new system required the best technology, which led us to choosing Lab.gruppen amps and Lake signal processors. We needed subwoofers that would provide a lot of grunt, and after researching, there really was no better alternative to Lab.gruppen to successfully fulfil these requirements.

The next stage after choosing the amplification, was to identify the best option for signal processing. Lake Processing’s LM Series, which is now under stewardship of Lab.gruppen, provided the perfect fit.

Our first new system was successfully installed in EGG, a London club and continues to provide clubbers with an impressive sound.