House of Commons

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House of Commons

In September we were approached by SAM Mouldings in Northern Ireland and asked to provide PA and services for their 25th anniversary, at the Thames Pavilion in the House of Commons.

It’s a rare opportunity to work in such a historic venue and was a great opportunity for us to show off the skill and efficiency of our crew.

As well as the usual presentation content and speeches, there was a performance by the extremely talented Titanic Dancers. Comprised of a cast of 24 of the world’s best Irish dancers and 6 leading Irish musicians, Titanicdance tells the iconic story of the tragic maiden voyage of the Titanic through a spectacular combination of live dance, music and song.


An event in such a venue does however provide some rather large challenges, not least the time frame we had to work within. In total, our crew had 45 minutes between gaining access to the House of Commons and the event commencing. A sound check and brief run-through had to somehow be squeezed into this tight schedule.

We made the decision to provide a tried and tested package of equipment that we knew could be set up quickly and would not throw up any delays in the sound check.

House of Commons PA Hire

Kit List:

An active setup of 12 inch full-range loudspeakers and fifteen inch subs

Two active stage monitors

Sure SM microphones throughout as well as a pair of Countryman DI Type 10s

Yamaha FX processor and BSS graphic EQ

A Midas F16 desk

Midas F16

The Midas F16 was one of the stars of the show. Digital desks are great, however a skilled engineer is always faster on a well laid out and feature packed analogue mixer like this. Being able to operate across multiple channels simultaneously through physical dexterity is something that digital desks, by their nature do not allow.

Also, and this is a somewhat nerdy mention, the Countryman Type 10 DI boxes really shone.

DI boxes are an often overlooked element of mixing a band, they have inherent compromises in sound quality and this is often accepted with a shrug of the engineer's shoulders.

The Countryman however sounds incredible, especially on fiddles and other string instruments with a lot of dynamics. They’re bright and lively and extremely reliable.

Countryman DI10

Overall the event went perfectly, on time and without a hitch. The performance looked and sounded incredible. It’s always reassuring when the client makes a point of thanking each and every member of the team!

Events like this are taxing to organise and we pride ourselves on taking the stress out of at least one element of this.

Next stop Buckingham Palace I guess!

Flipside at the House of Commons