Flipside power Modular Alliance @ the V&A

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The Victoria & Albert museum is not the usual home for a bass heavy uncompromising sound system on a Friday evening, but as the museum welcomed in thousands of visitors for their ‘Sound it Out’ event, Flipside were honoured to bring some proper noise to the The Lydia and Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre. Nearly six thousand visitors to the famous museum were treated to an improvised analogue performance from Modular Alliance AKA Simon Lynch, Gavin Pykerman and Phil Ventre, the by night manifestation of ‘London Modular’ – the UK’s only dedicated modular synthesis shop.

Showcasing the band new FS-218-V2 Subs the system looked great amongst the racks, wires and led’s of the performance kit, but more than that it did the job sonically, which is no easy task as Phil Ventre explains: “Modular systems are full analogue power-houses, they have huge dynamic ranges. This range is generally lost in far too many venues.” Step forward Flipside. They get great play back across all frequencies in the room, this is why we love using their systems. Pre- and post-show, Flipside havebeen amazing. It couldn’t have been simpler for us on the night.”

The system needed a considered set up to provide impact and clarity in the large reverberant auditorium, and with the performance including a first half of experimental electric soundscapes and a second half of beat driven techno, the requirement far from straight forward. The system however dealt with the varied sound in its stride impressing Modular Alliance with how well it complimented their set up; “The play back is as important and the sound source” said Phill, “When you have both working to their full potential, that’s when the magic happens.”

If any more proof was needed of this the crowd provided it later on in the evening as a many were unable to resist getting to their feet, causing the room to need to be closed down a little. A rave in the V&A – mission accomplished then. #KeepMakingNoise.