Michael Layton

From a young age I can remember connecting with music on an emotional level on the rare occasions I was allowed to use my father's hi fi with his modest tape collection (at the time I didn't rate his vinyl much!). As soon as I could afford, the hi fi in my room was the central focus with emphasis on optimum speaker placement.

Babysitting for a neighbour gave me my first real taste of spl with a pair of Marantz Imperial 8's which we're very large cabinets and suited my small room perfectly!
From there on in I didn't look back and was always looking to improve the sound quality as I upgraded what I had, or spent evenings re-arranging my whole room layout, much to my parents annoyance!

Post A-level I went clubbing, but got my first taste of PA when I bought into a sound system on the free party scene with friends. I must say, though, at that time technical stuff scared me and I was more adept at the logistical side of things. Driving, it seems would also a handy interest to have.

Having spent a few years doing House clearances and removals (which proved quite fruitful in the vintage speaker department), but owning my own sound system to occasionally dust off the cobwebs with, I was introduced by a mutual friend to my now business partner, James, where the plan was originally to keep it a casual thing. Little did I know what life had in store, as soon thereafter opportunity presented itself to make it a viable business. This for me has allowed me to explore what goes on inside a sound system on a much more intricate level, and I am relieved to find the mechanics of it still whets my whistle.

Now married and supposedly more mature, I still appreciate the opportunities I have to explore new music and better-quality sound, whilst having the luxury of working with people whose personas and common goals make it feel like I look forward to going to work in the morning (or evening!).