Jamie Landi

I have always been fascinated by how businesses are run; the inner workings and what makes a company a success. This, combined with a lifelong passion for all things music and sound, meant I didn’t think twice when the opportunity came to join the Flipside team as the finance manager.

I’ve been working and training in accountancy practices for over 8 years, managing the accounts for hundreds of clients across a range of sectors. In this time, I’ve also worked within multiple well-known media firms in London, handling their finances and developing their business functions.

But I like to think I’m not your standard accountant. I am obsessed with the intricate and the unusual; whether it’s experimenting with the latest technology or delving into the elaborate history of my favourite films. I refuse to accept things as they are – there’s always something new to be learnt.

This (sometimes distracting) habit of mine, has played a part in my passion for business and finance. It means I look beyond just the numbers. I look at every aspect of how a company is run, what makes things tick and how every component plays a part.

So, aside from helping Flipside continue to grow, I get to work with a team who shares my passion for music. I grew up in a home where the music never stopped – and I’ve lucked out with a job that’s just the same!