Harry Day

About four or five years ago I bought a DJ controller and a couple of active monitors, and instead of being drawn to mixing music I was fixated on how the active speakers worked. I started asking myself all sorts of questions; Why is the tweeter in a horn, why are there holes in the box, why are there two separate drivers in the box, why an amplifier, why, why, why......

I guess that was the point of no return into sound world looking back, I was well on my way to become obsessed with audio. Audio mechanics, speaker cabinet design, the weird and wonderful way frequencies behave and why.
After finishing school in Bali, I basically had no clue what I wanted to do, who does at 18?

I moved to Australia where I went to university, what I was studying just didn't get my juices flowing. I then had an opportunity to start working in the mines, it was good fun, but again, no juices were flowing... I was confused, but after purchasing those active speakers something clicked and so I started doing my research and looking into engineering courses. So I moved to London and took a short engineering course, which lasted about 6 months, to which I finished and then realised I knew absolutely nothing! A year or so of freelancing, from crewing to engineering, here, there and everywhere taught me a tremendous amount which lead me to come across Flipside and in turn James & Mikey.

For the past couple of years I have been with Flipside Soundsystem, I have watched it grow, develop, and with it myself, Mikey & James grow. One thing that really drew me to Flipside was the personal touch they had, likeable and easy going, no hold ups, no chip on the shoulder. I've always felt like part of a family here, and it is, immediate & extended. I've learnt a lot here, technically and emotionally. It's been good fun these past years, I'm looking forward to many more.