Greg Packham

I'm Head of Lighting at Flipside. I first became involved in music through my immediate family but gravitated towards the technical side of music by shadowing my uncle who is a D.J. He would to take me with him to gigs and taught me how to setup a P.A. system and introduced me to basic lighting techniques. I used to get bored so started experimenting and researching lighting and DMX to give me something to do during gigs.

Whilst all this was going on I was doing my own gigs every now and then with equipment my parents would buy me for birthdays and Christmas. This continued through school and where I would do all sorts of events. I then did my college diploma in sound production. I learnt the basics of recording and mixing bands in a studio environment but during my time at college I realised I wanted to focus on Lighting for live events.

I went to university in 2017 and only lasted 3 months because I found it boring and not very hands on. In 2018 I came home and spent most of my time researching more about lighting and trying to get work experience in the industry and luckily I found a position prepping kit in a warehouse for a lighting company to get some real world experience. Due to a long commute it wasn’t sustainable and that’s when I came across the job at Flipside.