James Cooper

Since leaving university I’ve been working in the live sound industry, mainly for PA rental companies based in London. I’ve worked in a huge variety of types of venues ranging from pubs and clubs to large concert halls, outdoor festivals and stadiums.

In my spare time I love making my own electronic music at home, and to Dj out in clubs whenever I get the chance.

I came across the company Flipside through a friend when they were looking for freelance engineers. I started working on installations with James and it wasn’t too long before he asked if I wanted to become a more permanent member of the team. I’ve always been a freelancer, so this was quite a big change for me, but I’ve been drawn to Flipside because of the team! We all get on well, and love working alongside each other. We share similar interests in music and technology and get to geek out about equipment daily.

I work in the install department of the company as a project manager, where I have had the opportunity to work on small- and large-scale projects, learning new equipment and getting my programming head on. You can mainly find me crawling around in the back of a rack of equipment or plugging my laptop into things.