“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” – Plato

About Flipside

Though relative newcomers to the industry Flipside have been rapidly earning a name for themselves as amongst the highest quality installers and loudspeaker manufacturers in the UK.

Founded in 2012 by Michael Layton and James Cooper, after a chance introduction by a mutual friend, the pair quickly set out to create a brand that embodies over 30 years of work across the events and pro audio industries.

Working in close partnership with a pool of equally skilled specialists Flipside has developed a range that combines the latest technologies and highest quality componentry, carving out a revered and much sought after sound.


How Flipside was born

James Cooper

I’m James Cooper one of two co-founders of Flipside Soundsystem.

When I was 15 I caught the loudspeaker bug while on work experience for a London based PA hire company. I worked at countless nightclubs and venues throughout the UK, Working with some of the best loudspeakers available on the market. Nothing got me out of bed in the morning better than a list of equipment to repair, cables to build and events to engineer.

Over time I became disenchanted with the reality of working for a large impersonal PA hire firm; I wanted to take pride in my work, in the events we provided for and in the enjoyment of the crowds.

I’ve become a self-confessed audiophile and am constantly driven by an urge to perfect my craft - always playing with new concepts and designs to realise my vision of perfect sound in any environment.

I met my business partner and the other half of Flipside Soundsystem, Michael Layton 4 years ago. He was clearly passionate about events and realised how great they could be when everyone from the sound team to the organisers was driven by a true love for what they do.

Together we made full use of our shared resources and expertise, pushing our limits to create the first Flipside system, getting out on the road whenever we could. As more and more people heard that first system we built a reputation for excellence in both pure, dynamic sound quality as well as the level of care we put into all our interactions with London organisers, venues and promoters.

In 2013 we overthrew the world’s biggest audio manufacturer in one of London’s leading nightclubs. We built and installed three huge rooms of Flipside sound equipment which now entertain more than 3200 party goers every week.

Flipside Soundsystem now boasts a large speaker hire stock with the capacity to provide for literally any events PA equipment requirements. We’re constantly working on new designs and releasing new products that we believe in and have been tested to near destruction in the real world. Our list of clients is ever growing and we have built a network of repeat customers who are as proud to use our name as we are to be part of their events.

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